Boy Scouts Popcorn Sale
Distribution & Warehouse Information
Popcorn Pick-Up Information:
Show & Sell (consignment) orders will be distributed on Saturday, September 13.
Take Order orders will be distributed on Saturday, November 15.
Each unit will be assigned a time to pick up their popcorn and notified via email of the time prior to the distribution day. Orders will be assigned with largest orders first and smallest orders last.  Assignments will be made and sent out once all of the orders are finalized.
You must pick up your popcorn on the designated distributions days at your designated location. If you cannot pick up your order, you must designate someone from your unit to do so.
Ensure you have enough vehicles to hold your order! On average, empty vehicles will hold the 
  • Car: 20 Cases
  • Pick up truck: 30 to 40 cases
  • Full size van: 50 to 60 cases
  • SUV: 25 to 35 cases
  • Mini Van: 40 cases
Popcorn Pick-Up Locations:
Each year, businesses in our community generously donate their space for our popcorn distribution. Unfortunately, this year we lost three council's warehouse locations. We have been working to create the best possible scenario for all of our units and we would like to thank New Process Steel, DHL, and Chicago Business Air Center for their generosity this year!

The following districts will pick up their popcorn at New Process Steel in Alsip, IL:

Chicago Area Council: Arrowhead, Greater Southside, Iroquois, River Trails

Des Plaines Valley Council: Tall Grass, Voyageur Trace

Instructions: When you arrive to New Process Steel, follow the signs for truck deliveries around to the back of the building.  This location is a drive-thru pick up location.  Orders will not be pre-pulled.  Your driver must remain in the vehicle and drive it though the line.  If you would like to check your order as it is loaded (recommended), please bring another person who can walk along with the vehicle.

Location:            New Process Steel

Address:             5761 W. 118th Street
                           Alsip, IL
                           (West of Central Avenue)


The following districts will pick up their popcorn at DHL in Franklin Park, IL:

Chicago Area Council: Fort Dearborn, Indian Trails, North River, Western Trails

Des Plaines Valley Council: Twin Lakes

Northwest Suburban Council: (all) Blackhawk, North Woods, Pathfinder, Signal Hill

Instructions: When you arrive at the corner of Seymour Ave. and Centrella St., take a left on Centrella Street (you will see the DHL facility).  Drive on Centrella for about 1 block following the signs for popcorn pick-up.  Take a right into the fenced area and go to the end of the building. Check in with the clerk(s) in the parking lot.  They will direct you to the next available loading dock to load your popcorn. Please back your car into the loading dock space.

Location:            DHL

Address:            10601 Seymour Ave.
                          Franklin Park, IL
                          (South of Irving Park Road and just west of Mannheim)


The following districts will pick up their popcorn at TBD:

Calumet Council: (all) Crossroads, Nishnabec, Prairie Dunes, Thunderbird

Instructions:  TBD

Location:           TBD

Address:            TBD 

Volunteering at the Popcorn Warehouse (early popcorn pick-up opportunity):
Units that help with distribution at our warehouses are eligible to pick up their popcorn early.  Any unit that provides a volunteer for their warehouse on one of the distribution Saturdays may have another volunteer from the unit pick up their popcorn first thing in the morning.  Warehouse volunteers will be needed from early Saturday morning until mid-afternoon, exact details to be provided once pick-up assignments have been made.  To volunteer in the warehouse, please email Shayna Hofmeister at and provide your name, unit, district, council, and which day/location you are volunteering for.
Friday Pick-Up Opportunity: Our DHL location also requires volunteers to help sort the orders on the Fridays before distribution.  DHL orders will be sorted starting in the late afternoon until completed and dinner will be provided.  Any unit assigned to this location that provides a volunteer to help with sorting orders may take their order with them on Friday when the sorting is complete.  To volunteer in the warehouse, please email Shayna Hofmeister at and provide your name, unit, district, council, and which day/location you are volunteering for.

We will provided additional details about volunteering in the warehouses as they become available!

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